Okay…we still have about 24 hours until we know if we have a serious problem on our hands with pending Hurricane Paula.  It’s very calm outside with no wind and no rain…what’s that saying…”the calm before the storm”…We are ready.  Today, I spoke to my dear friend and condo manager Kristin and she said she was instructing everyone to pull close the hurricane shutters and be prepared. I asked what does that mean. She say well, have bread and peanut butter and tuna fish on hand.  That sounded so odd.

I did fill the car with gas, add an additional 1000 pesos to my cell phone, and am charging everything that needs a charge in the house like the Kindle, computer, cell phones, ipad, portable dvd, etc.  I headed to Walmart before getting Jake.  And guess what? Everyone was buying tuna fish…They had huge pallets all over the store stacked high with tuna fish.  I bought some..because everyone else was… plus I like tuna and this is as good an excuse as any to eat some and I bought, a small gas propane camp stove, extra flash lights, two headlamp flash lights (ours are in Dallas) extra water, etc etc.  I wanted to buy extra batteries (pilas) and they were sold out.  So was Sam’s club.  The only size they had was 9V so it makes me think I need to buy things that use 9V whenever possible.

So don’t worry about us dear friends. We are stocked and ready.  Jake still had soccer practice this afternoon, the tutor is on the way and they haven’t canceled school for tomorrow yet.

By the way, Jake is doing great.  Today his school counselor told him his Spanish was really improving and that he was doing well.  He received an 89 on his math test yesterday and feels like he did great on the tests today.

All is well.