So, I know that I am a little behind in my blogging.  And I still have one after another experiences to share but time to do so is the obstacle.  Most of you know…I think… that I headed back to Dallas this past week for a few days to host Rod Stryker for another one of Living Yoga Dallas fabulous yoga events.  I also came into Dallas a little early because I was invited to teach at a convention at the Four Seasons.  Hail Merry that is owned by my good friends in Dallas is an awesome healthy organic delicious snack company.  They wanted to offer 6am early morning yoga to a group of high level woman executives in the food and restaurant industry in for the convention.  It was a great experience for me and I realized that I am inspiring and can make people comfortable just by being real and inclusive and sharing my own yoga life experience.

I was a little worried about leaving Jake the first month at a new school and as a new resident of Mexico with our routines and the stability and consistency of me… the mom… being there but I had no choice.  So, I convinced Jake’s dad to come down and trade places with me.  Since I don’t have a car anymore in Dallas (amen) Bud left his car at the airport and I left mine at the Cancun airport and we literally switched places.  We text each other at the time on where we hid the keys and parked the cars.  It was kind of like a burn notice episode (remember our favorite tv show) We just needed black clothes, silver briefcases and sniper rifles.

The entire visit, workshop and weekend was a huge success and I returned Sunday night to Playa and all was in order.  Even the cat box was cleaned!   Monday I was making breakfast and asked Jake about two empty pitchers on the counter.  We don’t have a dishwasher here so we do dishes the old fashioned way by hand…And Jake replied oh yes Dad did all the dishes.

He said, “Mom I didn’t know Dad knew how to do dishes or make a bed”…

A great observation for sure!